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Guide To Measuring Your Space

Here are some basic principles to follow to make sure that you get your measurements right every time. Follow the below steps and guides to help you to measure your space like a designer. Then take corresponding photographs to ensure we get an accurate picture and idea of the space.

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Invest in a good measuring tape

Invest in a good measuring tape, we like to get measurements in mm or cm not feet or inches. When you are measuring you need to be as accurate as possible so sometimes having two people is easier especially for larger spaces. 


Draw a basic outline of the room

Draw a basic outline of the room, this should include an outline of any doors, windows and other features of the space, such as a fireplace, alcoves or pillars etc. The more detail the better. Use an A4 page as a guide, the sketch should be enable you to add dimensions as you measure them but not so
big that it doesn’t fit on one page. If you need to measure more than one room separate from another, its probably best to do them on individual sheets.

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Now you are ready to start measuring

Now you are ready to start measuring. Start with recording the full dimensions of the room, i.e. the width and the length of its basic shape. Measure the length of the room by holding the tape against one wall and measuring to the opposite wall.

It’s best to measure from wall to a wall rather than along the floor because the skirting will alter the measurement slightly. Measure the width the same way. Then write these dimensions on your sketch. Don't worry, it does not have to look perfectly accurate, as long as the dimensions are correct, we can take it from there. Mark as many features in the room like doors and window positions. Show which way the door opens into or out of the room with an arc. Measure the distances of all doors from the inside of architrave and mark these dimensions on your sketch. These measurements are essential to ensure furniture and other items can be brought into the room.


Sketch each elevation

Sketch each elevation, ie: as you face each wall. When measuring windows and other openings, measure the actual opening rather than the frame. Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window opening or window cill to the floor and from the top of the window opening to the ceiling. Measure any other features like fire places or fixed items such as radiators located in your space. Note where all the powers outlets are, including sockets and light switches. Take as many photos as you deem relevant to accompany the drawings .

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